Squid Game Season 2 Update Teased By Netflix

Netflix has released an update on the status of Squid Game season 2, commenting on the chances and timeline for the smash-hit Korean series getting a second chapter. While Netflix has had significant international success in the past with non-English shows like Lupin and Money Heist, nothing has compared to Squid Game, which is set […]


8 Bradley Cooper Produced Movies, Ranked According To IMDB

Many actors have taken up producing at one point or another, whether it’s their own passion project or something they’ve simply invested money in. More often than not, actors then get a taste for it, producing more and more. Such is seemingly the case with Bradley Cooper. RELATED: Bradley Cooper’s 5 Best Movies (& 5 Worst), According To IMDb […]


Vaccine Holdouts Embrace COVID Antibody Treatment, Mystifying Doctors

Lanson Jones, Houston. Howard Huang, MD, pulmonologist, Houston Methodist Hospital. Amesh Adalja, MD, emerging infectious diseases specialist, Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security.   Terry Scoggin, CEO, Titus Regional Medical Center, Mount Pleasant, TX.   Frederick Thurmond, MD, hospitalist, Titus Regional Medical Center.   Seth Thurman, Mount Pleasant, TX. “Remarks by President Biden […]